Why should I trust Colorado Pavement Solutions?

As a locally owned and operated Asphalt Company we’ve witnessed fly-by-night companies give the industry a bad name. As Colorado natives we want to bring integrity and honesty back to the trade and our hometown. We own and store our equipment in Denver because we believe keeping business local is vital to the continued growth of our community. Trust is earned and we’ve earned the trust of many other business owners and residential clients. Contact us today for a referal.

Does Colorado Pavement Solutions offer a warranty?

Yes, we stand behind our work. Every job we do includes a 1 year workmanship warranty. Consult with you estimator for more details about the products we use and the additional warranties the manufacturers carry.

Do you have any referals?

Yes, we have many referrals. Contact us or talk to your estimator to get a referral specific to the type of work you need. Whether it’s a commercial parking lot repave or a driveway sealcoat, we have lots of happy customers we can put you in touch with.

Can You do Asphalt in the Winter?

The most straightforward answer is yes, you can perform driveway repairs during the cold winter months – but it depends on many factors. Read more on our blog “Can You do Asphalt in the Winter?

What are Parking Blocks?

Parking blocks have many different names. Depending on the manufacturer and region, you can call them parking blocks, parking stops, curb stops, and more. No matter the name, the parking block is the concrete or rubber stop installed at the head of parking spaces. Read more on our blog “What is the Cement Block in a Parking Lot Called?

What are Asphalt Millings?

Asphalt millings are ground-up recycled asphalt. Read more on our blog “What is Asphalt Millings?

What is Raveling?

Raveling is the slow disintegration of your asphalt from the top down resulting from aggregate loss. Essentially the top layer of aggregate breaks free from the asphalt binder, which causes raveling issues. Read more on our blog about “What is Asphalt Raveling?

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