Parking Lot at Highland Apartments – Denver,CO

Parking Lot Project – Highland Apartments in Denver, CO

The Highland Apartment in Denver, CO is a small apartment complex that had a very aged and deteriorated parking lot. The team at Colorado Pavement Solutions assessed the lot and determined the best long term solution was to remove and replace the entire parking lot. Our team also realized that installing a concrete valley pan to move water out of the lot would preserve the asphalt parking lot and prolong its usable life span.

During our assessment, we became concerned about the integrity of the adjacent property’s retaining wall. As such, we recommended the property owner have it assessed by an engineer prior to commencing our scope of work. We were concerned demolishing the asphalt with a skid steer hammer might compromise the integrity of the retaining wall. It turns out the engineer our customer employed to assess the wall concurred with our assessment. As a result, we altered our scope to instead leave the existing 8 feet of asphalt along the entire wall. In doing so, we avoided a potentially catastrophic collapse of the retaining wall during demolition of the asphalt. Instead we adjusted our proposal to simply leave his existing asphalt and sealcoat it to match the appearance of the newly installed asphalt. Excluding the 8 feet of asphalt near the retaining wall, the rest of the parking lot was replaced by our asphalt and concrete crew.

Our team completed the following improvements:

  • Removal of Existing Asphalt within a Safe Distance from Compromised Retaining Wall
  • New Asphalt Installation
  • Concrete Valley Pan Installation for Proper Drainage
  • Sealcoating
  • Re-striping to reconfigure the lot for safe and efficient parking
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