Gold Shovel Standard

Colorado Pavement Solutions Earns Gold Shovel Certification

Colorado Pavement Solutions has received the coveted Gold Shovel Certification in recognition of its adherence to the Gold Shovel Standard’s guidelines and recommendations. CPS is only one of a few local paving companies in Colorado to receive the certification.

More About the Gold Shovel Certification

A Golden Shovel Certification is presented by the Gold Shovel Standard (GSS), a nonprofit committed to improving safety in the public and private workforce, especially toward underground infrastructure.

The GSS seeks to reduce damages to underground assets by third party contractors. A GSS can be applied to municipalities, excavators, locate-and mark companies, and all utility services like phone and gas lines. The idea behind the GSS is to decrease cases of damaged underground infrastructure and the headaches, potential injury/death and tax dollars that come with it.

Only contractors who are registered as part of the GSS and have continually demonstrated best digging practices and standards can receive the Gold Shovel Certification. Hiring a GSS contractor means homeowners are much less likely to deal with damaged infrastructure like phone, gas, sewer or electric lines on their property.

The goals of the Gold Shovel Standard include:

  • 50% reduction is frequency of damages by professional excavation companies from 2015 to 2025.
  • Make more than 50% of North America’s municipalities reliant on GSS metrics for permitting, franchise rights, and more by 2025.
  • Establish more than 100 GSS communities by 2025
  • Have more than 75% of insurance companies utilizing GSS metrics on policies for excavation and other underground work by 2025.

More About Colorado Pavement Solutions

Colorado Pavement Solutions (CPS) has been serving the greater Denver metro area for several years and despite its growth, still concentrates on a direct relationship with their customers. The owners of CPS created the company to correct the mistakes and bad jobs they witnessed across several Colorado sites. Several years later CPS has successfully completed hundreds of individual residential and commercial projects and has the reviews and testimonials to prove it.

CPS specializes in several asphalt and concrete solutions including full scale lot paving, crack filling, sealcoating, small to large scale repairs, lot striping, parking blocks and much more. While every region is different, CPS has been operating locally in Colorado long enough to know the subtleties and best methods for fixing or laying new pavement in the Centennial State and thanks to the GSS, is highly unlikely to mess up other infrastructure on your property.

They also offer consulting services to help construction teams figure out the most efficient paving measures for a particular lot. CPS will use their expertise to give you the best possible lot even if they aren’t doing the installation.

CPS is locally licensed, insured, and has no complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Hiring Colorado Pavement Solutions for Your Next Paving Job

When hiring a paving contractor, you want someone who is local, has several years of service in your area, and has received as many awards and accreditation’s as possible – like Colorado Pavement Solutions and their coveted Gold Shovel. If you’re ready to hire a great local contractor who has demonstrated safety and value reach out for an estimate at or call directly at 720-772-0585.

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