A proper Sealcoating goes a long way in preserving an asphalt surface, especially in Colorado’s harsh elements.

Is your Denver parking lot plagued by a gray, cracked surface that’s driving you to distraction? Colorado Pavement Solutions has the answer – sealcoating. Our asphalt maintenance services are designed to breathe new life into your parking lot.

What’s sealcoating?

This protective pavement maintenance measure involves applying a specially formulated sealant layer to the top of your paved areas, creating a barrier that shields the surface from the elements, including UV rays, moisture, and chemicals. In addition to enhancing the pavement’s aesthetic appeal, sealcoating prolongs its lifespan by preventing cracks, potholes, and other forms of damage.

How Asphalt Sealcoating Saves Your CO Parking Lot

Is your Colorado pavement showing signs of wear and tear, with cracks and fading asphalt marring its appearance? Sealcoating is highly recommended to rejuvenate your pavement and provide long-term protection. Here’s why it’s a wise investment:

  • Beautifies Asphalt: This service restores a rich, dark appearance, giving your property a fresh and inviting look.
  • Slows Oxidation: The sealant forms a shield against harmful UV rays, preventing the asphalt from oxidizing and deteriorating.
  • Prevents Water Penetration: Sealing the surface prevents water from seeping into the pavement and causing cracks or potholes.
  • Adds Resistance to Oil and Gas Spills: Protects paved areas from the damaging effects of oil and gas spills, which can cause deterioration.
  • Increases Pliability: By reintroducing essential chemicals, the sealant allows the pavement to withstand the stresses of heavy traffic without cracking.
  • Seals in Repairs: Any existing cracks or minor damage are sealed and smoothed over, ensuring a consistent surface throughout the paved area.

Sealing your asphalt preserves the integrity and aesthetics of your parking lot, and Colorado Pavement Solutions is here to make it happen.

What to Expect from Your Sealocating Project

This kind of asphalt maintenance project typically involves several crucial steps, including surface preparation, crack sealing, application of the sealcoat, and final quality checks. Each step is meticulously executed to ensure a smooth and durable finish that enhances the lifespan of your paved surface.

Denver Trusts Colorado Pavement Solutions for Quality Sealcoating

As a locally owned Denver business, we understand the importance of well-maintained parking lots for local businesses, schools, residential areas, and more. Our sealcoating services contribute to the safety, functionality, and appearance of Denver area communities like Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, and Centennial, CO.

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