Annual Maintenance Is Critical

An annual asphalt maintenance program is critical for property owners!

Weather causes expensive damage to asphalt parking lots. The number one reason asphalt parking lots require patching is water infiltration to the sub-grade. Performing annual maintenance ensures the longevity of one of your most expensive assets.

Annual maintenance consists of crack filling, seal-coating, and patching. Filling cracks in the asphalt with hot rubber should be completed every year. It prevents moisture from entering and damaging the sub-grade. Seal coating reintroduces oil to the asphalt. Asphalt is basically rocks and sand glued together with oil. Extended sun exposure and moisture weaken the oil. So we recommend adding a seal coat every 2-5 years to re-strengthen that bond and protecting against further weather exposure. Patching asphalt is required after substantial moisture has entered and damaged the sub-grade, causing the area to collapse and pothole. This typically happens because cracks were not filled every year. Annual maintenance can not repair these areas. The only remedy is to “patch” the asphalt. This involves removing the existing asphalt, repairing the sub-grade, then installing new asphalt.

You want your parking lot to last a long time. You also want to avoid costly repairs. Replacing your entire parking lot is expensive and can have a serious impact on your business because the work takes a long time to complete. Annual maintenance has minimal impact on your parking lot and can often be performed during non-business hours. Filling cracks annually and seal coating every couple of years can save you money in the long run by preventing costly damage to your asphalt parking lot.

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