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Colorado Pavement Solutions is the top trusted paving company in Englewood, CO, because we are Colorado natives seeking to bring integrity and honesty back to the trade and our hometown. We provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on all work, and our owner/superintendent has more than 20 years of experience paving in Colorado. For over 10 years, we have served Colorado with state-of-the-art paving services like asphalt repair, pavement maintenance, milling & overlay, parking lot striping, and more.

Asphalt Paving Services in Englewood CO:


  • EXPERIENCED PROBLEM SOLVERS: When you encounter a demanding issue necessitating expert guidance, we’re your trusted source for finding practical solutions.
  • SWIFT AND TRANSPARENT PRICING: We recognize the value of providing timely, transparent quotes for our services, ensuring you grasp the scope and cost clearly.
  • BUDGET-CONSCIOUS STRATEGY: If you’re operating within budget constraints, we can assist in prioritizing vital services for immediate action while also strategizing for future projects.
  • DEPENDABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY WORK: We guarantee timely project completion with minimal property disruption, consistently delivering top-tier quality that surpasses expectations, granting you complete peace of mind.

All About Englewood, CO

One of the great home rule municipalities of Arapahoe County, CO, Englewood is located just south of Denver in the South Platte River Valley. It is considered a vital part of the Front Range Urban Corridor.

The area rose to prominence when gold was discovered in Little Dry Creek by William Green Russell, an early settler to the High Plains area. Two years later, Thomas Skerritt established a home in the area. He is often considered the founder of the city because he helped make the first road connecting the area to Denver using his own plough.

The top-rated things to do in the area involve a lot of theater. The Gothic Theatre is a great place to come for local shows. The Museum of Outdoor Arts is the only art museum in the area, putting a lot on display out there for everyone to enjoy. Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre has a lot of live performances, concerts, and more for casual and dedicated fan of live performances.

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