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For the absolute best paving services in Longmont, CO, Colorado Pavement Solutions is the one to call. For ten years and counting, we have been professionally installing driveways, repairing parking lots, asphalt patching, and more in Colorado. We believe strongly in not just fixing issues with decaying pavement or installing new pavement; we educate our customers about asphalt and concrete to ensure they can make informed choices on all work we perform. Local property owners trust us for all their concrete & asphalt paving needs because we don’t subcontract. All of our highly skilled crew is in-house and uses our asphalt paving equipment that we maintain and care for.

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  • EXPERIENCED PROBLEM SOLVERS: When you encounter a demanding issue necessitating expert guidance, we’re your trusted source for finding effective solutions.
  • SWIFT AND TRANSPARENT PRICING: We recognize the value of providing timely, transparent quotes for our services, ensuring you grasp the scope and cost clearly.
  • BUDGET-CONSCIOUS STRATEGY: If you’re operating within budget constraints, we can assist in prioritizing vital services for immediate action while also strategizing for future projects.
  • DEPENDABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY WORK: We guarantee timely project completion with minimal property disruption, consistently delivering top-tier quality that surpasses expectations, granting you complete peace of mind.

About Longmont, CO

A home rule municipality located within Boulder and Weld counties, CO, Longmont is northeast of the county seat of Boulder. It was initially named after Longs Peak, one of the prominent Colorado mountain named for explorer Stephen H. Long. That is very visible from Longmont and “mont” from the French word “Montagne” for mountain.

The town was initially founded in 1871 by a group from Chicago, IL, and originally referred to as the Chicago-Colorado Colony; led by President Robert Collyer, the men of the colony sold off memberships in the town, buying the land necessary for the town hall with all the proceeds garnered. It was the first planned community in Boulder County, with city streets laid out in a grid plan within a square mile. It began flourishing as an agricultural community after the Colorado Central Railroad line arrived northward from Boulder in 1877.

Longmont supports a thriving and vibrant craft brewing industry and multiple recreational and travel-related businesses. Two of the nation’s largest craft brewers, Left Hand and Oskar Blues, are local to Longmont. For a fixed price, brewery patrons enjoy the local Brew Hop Trolley for a hop-on-hop-off brewery tour. Longmont is known for its extensive ‘maker’ community, including many goods at its Saturday Farmers Market.

If you need paving work done in Longmont, look no further than Colorado Pavement Solutions. We stand ready to assist you with your next paving installation. Give us a call today!

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