Can You Seal a Recycled Asphalt Driveway?

Can You Seal a Recycled Asphalt Driveway?

If you’re looking for an affordable and versatile material for a driveway or road installation, you should consider recycled asphalt. Recycled asphalt, also known as asphalt millings, is more affordable than new asphalt and can still do the job for many projects.

Recycled asphalt is a great material, but can you seal it? Normal asphalt requires sealing to remain at its strongest, but can you do the same for asphalt millings? Let’s learn more about recycled asphalt driveways, sealing asphalt, and if you can seal a recycled asphalt driveway.

Learning About Sealing Asphalt

If you’re interested in installing a new asphalt project, you’ve probably read a lot about sealing, or sealcoating the asphalt – but what does that mean? Sun, wind, and ice can all slowly wear away on your asphalt, but a sealcoat provides a fresh, protective barrier to guard against the elements. You simply clean the asphalt, repair any small cracks or pits, and pour brand new sealcoat on.

Regularly sealing your driveway will minimize damage and make your asphalt look shiny and new for several years. Sealing sounds great, but can you seal an asphalt millings driveway?

How to Seal Your Recycled Asphalt Driveway

Just like new asphalt, you can seal a recycled asphalt driveway. Many homeowners can seal their new asphalt driveways by themselves, but asphalt millings are a little trickier. Since asphalt millings come in a wide variety of quality, you can’t always just dump a coat of sealcoat on and expect everything to work out.

For sealing asphalt millings, it’s recommended you contract an asphalt professional. A professional asphalt contractor will inspect your asphalt millings, determine if any fillers or small repairs are needed, and help choose the right sealcoat and application method for your unique situation. They can also help determine if you can sealcoat the driveway yourself down the line.

Hiring an Asphalt Professional

Like most asphalt jobs, you’ll likely need to hire professional help for sealing your recycled asphalt driveway. Look for an asphalt contractor that has experience with asphalt millings and knows the best ways to sealcoat recycled asphalt in your unique environment. Colorado’s unique environmental factors make any asphalt job more challenging, so be sure to hire an experienced company with their own crews. With a local expert you’ll get a great sealcoat that should last.

Sealing Recycled Asphalt

You can sealcoat recycled asphalt, but make sure you know what you’re doing by hiring a professional first. Asphalt millings might not last as long as new asphalt but it’s the perfect material for affordable asphalt installations. If you aren’t sure whether your driveway is paved with millings, give Colorado Pavement Solutions a call and we’ll help you determine what your driveway is made of and the best plan for maintenance.

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