Small Parking Lot Overlay – Littleton, CO

Small Parking Lot Paving – Littleton, CO

Here was a small parking lot in Littleton that was near the end of it’s useful life with potholing throughout the entire lot. The businesses operating on this property have elderly customers and the owner was concerned about trip hazards and the appearance of the lot. We filled all the potholes and then overlaid the entire lot with 2″ of fresh hot mix asphalt and restriped the lot to give it a nice new appearance. The useful life of this repair should range between 10-15 years. (we did not mill before our overlay, this was just a strict overlay).

Our team completed the following improvements:

  • Pothole Repair
  • Parking lot Overlay (No Milling)
  • Re-striping to reconfigure the lot for safe and efficient parking
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